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D_10mthly   $10 Monthly Donor
D_21mthly   $21 Monthly Donor
D_42mthly   $42 Monthly Donor
3For1   3 for 1
FilmCamp1   A. $1 Film Camp Donation
Film-Camp5   B. $5 Film Camp Donation
Filmcamp10   C. $10=Thank you and prayers
Filmcamp25   D. $25= Film Camp
DVD-Inner-City-Schools   DVD's for Inner City Schools
Filmcamp50   E. $50= Prayers and a DVD
Donation-1   enter amount above
Filmcamp100   F. $100 = Official Film Camp Poster
Filmcamp75   F. $75= Inspiring future film makers
Filmcamp200   G. $200= Film Camp T-shirt
Filmcamp300   H. $300 = A Custom Rosary
AGCD01   He’s Coming CD
Filmcamp400   I. $400 = Associate Producer
Filmcamp500   J. $500= Executive Producer
Film-Camp5000   K. $5,000 Film Camp Donation
FILM-CAMP   L. Film Camp 2017- All 3 weeks
FILM-CAMP1   M. Film Camp 2017 - Week 1
AGCD03   Man to Mangia CD
FILM-CAMP2   N. Production 2017- Week 2
FILM-CAMP3   O. Post Production 2017- Week 3
Pope-Pledge-25   Papum 25
Pope-Pledge-100   Papum C
Pope-Pledge-200   Papum CC
Pope-Pledge-300   Papum CCC
Pope-Pledge-250   Papum CCL
Pope-Pledge-400   Papum CD
Pope-Pledge-150   Papum CL
Pope-Pledge-500   Papum D
Pope-Pledge-750   Papum DCCL
Pope-Pledge-50   Papum L
Pope-Pledge-75   Papum LXXV
Pope-Pledge-1000   Papum M
Pope-Pledge-1500   Papum MD
Pope-Pledge-2000   Papum MM
Pope-Pledge-3000   Papum MMM
Pope-Pledge-5000   Papum MMMMM
Pope-Pledge-85   Papum XXCV
Pope-Pledge-35   Papum XXXV
Pope-Pledge-8000   Papum ZZZZ
Pope-Pledge-10   Pledge 10
SAFV_DVD   Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage
SAFV_DVD-Bulk20-199   Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage - Parish Bulk Rate
SAFV_DVD-Bulk200-   Skiff & AJ's Fantastic Voyage - Parish Bulk Rate
SAFV-Poster   Skiff and AJ's Fantastic Voyage Poster
SAFV-T-Shirt   Skiff and AJ's Fantastic Voyage T-Shirt
WWD1   VIP Members
AGCD02   We’ve Been Wronged CD

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